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Rudraksha Nine Mukhi


Nine mukhi Rudraksha Its ruling planet is Kethu, this Rudraksha is Nava Durga Rupam a simbole of power and courage it is believed to possess power of nine deities, also called Nava Durga when invoked, the mother Goddess blesses the wearer with lot of energy power, dynamism and fearlessness which is useful to live life success
Nine mukhi Rudraksha Recommended: Body pain,  Fever, Bowl pain.

Nine mukhi Rudraksha Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.1545
Us : $59

Rudraksha Ten Mukhi


Ten mukhi Rudraksha Represents Lord Vishnu and also belive to Represents Dusavatar meaning seven Incarnations of Lord Vishu. Ten mukhi Rudraksha wearer of this Rudraksha remains free of all Evil effects and all other spirits. Ten Mukhi  rudraksha for ataining fame and sucess in carrier. It works like a shield on on's body and drives evil's a way wearer can get good business prosperity financial gains
Ten mukhi Rudraksha Recommended : In balance in the body pacifing nine planets

Ten mukhi Rudraksha Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.1608
Us : $61

Rudraksha ELeven Mukhi


Eleven mukhi Rudraksha Represents loard Hanuman.  When invoked blesses with wisdom right judgment, powerful vocabulary adventurous life and success.
Eleven mukhi Rudraksha Recommend for hormonal inbalance in the body. Backaenl.

Eleven mukhi Rudraksha Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.2157
Us : $74

Rudraksha Twelve Mukhi


Twelve mukhi Rudraksha Repersent Loard Sun.This Rudraksha is good for Higher Society people business man Executives and politicians.  Hence it is embodiment of Twelve Different facets god surya Twelve virtues of god surya are light of universal friend ship.  Loar Sun blesses an owner of Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha with a life of Rich people surrounded by unlimited luxery wealth and authority.
Rudraksha Recommended : Heart Disease Lung and Skin Diease.  Hiatus of stomach.

Twelve mukhi Rudraksha Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.2256
Us : $76

Rudrakha Thirteen Mukhi


Thirteen mukhi Rudraksha Represents Lord Indira Wearer will be blessed with luxurious life & prosperity.  Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha prosesses divine power, Therefore, it inherits virtues likelove affection beauty and attractions as its attributes it gives riches and honor and fulfill all the earthly desires and gives eight accomplishments (siddhis) all god cupid (kamadeva) pleases with the man.
Thirteen mukh Rudraksha Recommended: for spirital Meditation.

Thirteen mukh Rudraksha Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.5559
Us : $149

Rudraksha Fourteen Mukhi


Fourte mukhi Rudraksha Represents Lord Paramasiva. It is most precious divine Rudraksha 'gem' Boost superior qualities increases prosperity knowledge. It awake as the sixth sense & good health, it's wearer gets rid of the all calamities miseries & worries. It providesFourte mukhi Rudraksha wearer safety and riches. It is also worn the forehead or arm.
Fourte mukhi Rudraksha Recommend Food Medical Benefits and it will clear all kind of dieases

Fourte mukhi Rudraksha Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.18006
Us : $424

Ganesh Rudrakshas


There is a kind of Rudraksha which bears a trunk like elevation as is seen on the face lord ganesh it is called Ganesh Rudraksha. It provides the worshipper perfection in every sphere life and grace of lord Ganesh is received by him.
Rudraksha Recommended : Perfection in every sphere in life.

Rudrakshas Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.456
Us : $36

Shri Gowri Shankar Rudraksha.


Two naturally joined Rudrakshas called Gowri shankar Rudrakshas.  It makes the hasband wife identify eachother.  Therefore it is regarded the best thing for peace and comfort in the fanikes it evokes maximum positive results and fulfills every disire if kept either inside a pooja room its use bring family harmony contentment happiness and peace and comfort in the family.
Rudrakshas Recommended : For childless couples and bringing harmony in the family or surroundings.

Rudrakshas Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.2106
Us : $72
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Note: Rudraksha being a natural product, there is no wrong combination and no sideeffects. variation Rudrakshas in size and colour is anything but natural. We specialize in selecting top grade Rudraksha which are superior in quality. We follow strict procedures in testing the genuineness and quality of Rudraksha before sending to our customers.
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