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Ekamukhi Bead (oneface)


It is ruled by sun “Being the king of all mukhi’s” it represents pure humen consciousness. The wearer gain’s both Bhoga and mokshas He live’s Life of Raja Janak. He enjoys all the comforts at his command and still remains unattached. It controls bad effects of sun and cure, diseases of the right eye, hears, ear and bones. A one Mukhi Rudraksha can bring you power wealth Luxuries confidence boost and spiritual enrichment.
Recommended: for TB, Paralysis and light eye defect etc.


Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.1959
Us : $69

2 Mukhi (Two Face)


It ruling Plant is moon. 2 Mukhi beads is ARTHANARESHWOR god (Shiva & Parvati) Rupam. It blesses the wearer with unity. It could be relater Husband-Wife or family parent’s children. The wearer gains’s good status and respect in society. He fulfills all his desires.
Recommended: for lack of concentration renal failure, stress anxiety depression.


Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.105
Us : $28

3 Mukhi Rudraksha (Three Face)


Its ruling plant is MARS. This Rudraksha Represents Fire god Rupam. The wearer too gets free from sins or wrongs ideal for those when suffer from Inferiority complexes Subjective fear, Guilt depression and weakness.
Recommended:- for blood circulation mental problems asthma fever or weakness.


Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.105
Us : $28
4 Mukhi Rudraksha (Foure Face)


Its ruling planet is mercury, this represents Goddess Brahma Rupam.  The wearer gain Power of creativity when blessed very effective for students scientists researchers, scholars artists, writers & Journalists Increases memory power wit and intelligence.
Recommended: for Brain related illness, stammering memory lapse, coughs.


Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.105
Us : $28

5 Mukhi Rudraksha (Five Face)


Its ruling planet is Jupiter. This represents Shiva Rupam Panchamukhi Rudraksha wearer never gets untimely death. Five Mukhi monitors blood pressure and cardiac ailments. The wearer of five Mukhi gains health and peace they were blessed by Parama Shiva.
Recommended: for blood pressure Diabetes Foot related.


Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.105
Us : $28

6 Mukhi Rudraksha (Six Face)


Its ruling planet is Venus. This Six Face Rudraksha is represents god karthikeyan Rupam. It blesses wearer wisdom. The Increased intelligence will power and steady mind good for managers, Business men, Executives, Journalists and artists.
Recommended: for BP Astana, Mental Disability.


Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.105
Us : $28

7 Mukhi Rudraksha (Seven Face)


Its ruling planet Saturn. This Rudraksha represent goddess Mahalakshmi Rupam Finance and mental set-up by wearing 7Face Rudraksha. Man can progress in business or career and live life happily
Recommended: for weakness handicappers, piles disease.


Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.206
Us : $30

8 Mukhi Rudraksha (Eight Face)


Its ruling planet is Rahu. This Rudraksha represent Lord Ganesh it removes all obstacles are bring success and help all live happiness fame good health increase confidence it gives wearer all kinds of attainments Riddhies Siddhies. 
Recommended: for eye, Stomachache.


Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.1106
Us : $49
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Note: Rudraksha being a natural product, there is no wrong combination and no sideeffects. variation in size and colour is anything but natural. We specialize in selecting top grade Rudraksha which are superior in quality. We follow strict procedures in testing the genuineness and quality of Rudraksha before sending to our customers.
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