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Rudraksha Beads / Power Combination Malas :


Two 5 Mukhi loose beads have to be soaked in a Glass of Water every night and water consumed first thing in the morning Beads are then kept in a bowl and left to dry who have blood pressure, and cholesterol related problems highly beneficial Good for health.

Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.501
Us : $37

SHIVA MALA  5+14+5


2 pancha Mukhi beads and (1) 14 Mukhi bead. It represents Lord shiva in Kalagni Rudra from symbol of auspiciousness. 14 Mukhi Rudraksha is most precious DIVINEGEM – Devamani. It will awakens the sixth sense organ by wich the wearer foresees the future happenings. By wearing the Mala. It can avoid untimely death and Janma Janma Doshams.

Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.18906
Us : $442

Narayana Mala  For Good Business & Career 7+4+10


(1) 7 Mukhi rudraksha (1) 4 mukhi Rudraksha (1) 10 Mukhi Rudraksha 7 Mukhi Rudraksha represents Lakshmi Swarupam. 4 Mukhi Rudraksha represents Brahma Swarupam 10 Mukhi Rudraksha represents Vishnnu Swarupam. By wearing Narayana Mala Man can Progress in business or career and live life happily. It can be avoid Business loses & stability in business.

Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.2204
Us : $75

Hanuman Power Mala 5+11+4


[for avoiding black magic and accidental death]1 four mukhi bead one 5 mukhi bead and one 11 mukhi bead. It works wearer mental peace and remove bad effects of planets .  This Hanuman power malas is use for Nullifying black Magic evil eye etc.  powerful vocabulary adventurous life and success.  It protects the person from accidental death & vehicle accidents

Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.2805
Us : $87

LORD SHIVA 14 face "Divine Gem" (Gold Polish Caps)


  • It provides the wearer safety & security
  • It wearer never fails in his life
  • It is a very powerful spiritual growth
  • It awakeans the sixth sense & Good Health
Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.18105
Us : $424

KAMADEVA MALA (To full fill disires)  6+13+6


One 13  Mukhi Rudraksha & 2 six face Rudrakshas.  It give riches and honourjand  fulfils all the earthly desires.  Kamedava Mala is helpful for Meditation and spiritual attainments and also causes material upliftment.  Wearer enjoys all comforts at his command but still remains unahached.  Kamadeva Mala gives all woridly pleasures happiness and luxury.

Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.6207
Us : $163




one 2 Mukhi bead and one Gouri Shankar Rudraksha + one 11 Mukhi Rudraksha Gouri Mala Specially effected to Childless couple

Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.6009
Us : $158


One 12 Mukhi rudraksha and one ekamukhi Rudraksha(1 mukhi rudraksh) The wearer gets limitless administrative capacity he gets the Quality of the sun to rule and move continuously with brillant radiance and strength sun power mala can bring you power with luxuries confidance boost spiritual enrichment sun power Mala good for ministers politicians administrators Businessman  and executives sunpower mala wearer can get good name & fame and he will lead luxuries life.

Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.3858
Us : $111

LAKSHMI MALA 7+4+4+7+7


3 seven face 2four faceLakshmi Mala represents Goddess Mala Lakshmi .  It will give wearer good financial benefits.  It can progress in business or career and live life happily lakshmi mala wearer can over com all his finacial depths and he can get good fincial prosperty

Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.1059
Us : $49

Sarswathi mala 4+6+4


Bramha& Saraswathi mala:   (Saraswathi power Mala for students) This combination is made of 2 beads of 4 mukhi and 1 bead of 6 mukhi.  It increases mental power concentration intelligence and focus it gives wearer wisdom learning and knowledge specially designed for scientists  students and Research field people.
Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.656
Us : $41

Shanmukhi power Mala for Artist 6+6+6+13


This combination is made 3 six mukhi rudrakshas and One 13 Mukhi Rudraksha.  It will increased mand power and specially designed for intellectuals and cine artists.  In will increases mind power & good health

Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.6306
Us : $166

Ganesh Lakshmi Durgamalal 7+8+9


7 Mukhi Mala Lakshmi Swarupam, 8 Mukhi Ganesh Swarupam, 9 Mukhi Durga swarupam. It will increase good will power & dynamism Lakshmi Durga Ganesh mala removes wearer sadi sathi, obstacles, and brings wealth and prosperity. It will remove all Navagraha Doshams.

Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.3003
Us : $92

Family hermonys relations Mala GS+2+2


Gauri Shankar Rudraksha and (2) 2 mukhi Rudraksh’s This represents Ardhanareshwar. A combined  from of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvathis. It blesses the wearer with unity.  It brings peace harmony happiness and comfort in the family, this combination improves good marital relationship also used by couples desiring children.

Prices Including Delivery Charges
India : Rs.2906
Us : $91
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Note: Rudraksha being a natural product, there is no wrong combination and no sideeffects. variation in size and colour is anything but natural. We specialize in selecting top grade Rudraksha which are superior in quality. We follow strict procedures in testing the genuineness and quality of Rudraksha before sending to our customers.
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